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Well type carburizing furnace

Name:Well type carburizing furnace


Large well gas carburizing furnace
RQ3 series well type carburizing furnace is a national standard energy-saving electric furnace. The furnace shell is welded from high quality steel and steel plates. The furnace lining adopts ultra-energy-saving full-fiber lining, which is 60% more energy-efficient than the traditional electric furnace. The heating element is wound into the furnace by the internationally-used iron-chromium-aluminum electric heating element, and is fixed by high-aluminum ceramic screw. The muffle cans and the material used to maintain the furnace pressure are made of heat-resistant steel and can be cast or welded according to the user's choice. The top of the furnace cover is used to ventilate the atmosphere and temperature in the muffle tank. The furnace lid lifting mechanism is completed by a worm gear or a pneumatic device, and the lift shaft has a stroke switch on the upper and lower sides, and automatically stops the power of the fan when the furnace cover is opened. The liquid dripping system of the electric furnace adopts a drip measuring device capable of simultaneously feeding three or kinds of liquids for injecting liquids such as kerosene, methanol and the like into the furnace. The input flow is controlled by a flow meter and a needle valve. The control cabinet adopts the microcomputer intelligent instrument, and sets the process curve according to the requirements of the process to automatically adjust and record the temperature in the furnace. The series of products produced by the company have the advantages of rapid temperature rise, less heat loss, uniform furnace temperature, precise control and long service life of the carburizing furnace. The processed workpiece has good process stability, good uniformity of the layer and stable heat treatment quality. This series of products are sold well in many domestic and foreign companies.

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