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Well flange tempering furnace

Name:Well flange tempering furnace


Large well flanged ring tempering furnace
The energy-saving large-scale tempering furnace is mainly used for high-precision tempering treatment of large flange ring parts. Ultra-efficient structure with fiber structure and 60% power saving.
The structure of the tempering furnace is mainly composed of a furnace body, an air guiding tempering device, a heating element and a temperature control system.
The shell of the furnace body is welded by steel and steel plate. The furnace lining adopts the full fiber structure, which is about 60% energy saving compared with the brick furnace. The high quality long fiber thorn carpet is used as raw material, and special equipment is used to make various specifications according to the furnace body. A certain amount of compression is left to ensure that each ceramic fiber block expands in different directions after the completion of the masonry, so that the modules are mutually squeezed into a whole without gaps, achieving a good heat storage effect, and the product construction is convenient and quick. , can be directly fixed on the stainless steel anchor round nail of the furnace shell steel plate. Compared with other products, the advantages are low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, excellent corrosion performance, excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, thermal insulation, and the anchor is placed on the cold surface of the furnace to improve the high temperature strength of the fiber.
The corrugated ribbon heating element is attached to the lining cotton by high alumina ceramic nails.
The air guiding and tempering device is made of a stainless steel plate and fixed in a barrel shape in the furnace.
A heat-resistant plate is welded into the basket in the furnace, and the processed workpiece is placed in the basket.
A ventilator is placed on the furnace shell to force the air circulation to make the temperature and gas in the furnace uniform.
The lifting of the furnace cover is completed by a hydraulic lifting mechanism, and the power is provided by a hydraulic device.
When the tempering furnace cover needs to be raised, the furnace cover will rise slowly as soon as the hydraulic device is actuated; if the furnace cover is lowered, the inner cover of the hydraulic device will be loosened as soon as the internal thread cut-off valve is loosened. At the lifting shaft, there are two limit switches. When the lifting shaft rises, the lower limit switch automatically cuts off the power supply of the electric fan to avoid danger of operation; when the furnace cover is raised, the upper limit automatically cuts off the power supply of the hydraulic device. In case the lifting shaft is lifted out of the fixed shaft, an accident occurs.

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