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Net belt tempering furnace

Name:Net belt tempering furnace

The belt type hot air circulation tempering furnace is mainly composed of a furnace shell, a furnace lining, a heating device, a hot air circulation mechanism, a conveying mechanism and a control system.

1. Furnace shell: The shell has a rectangular structure, adopting channel steel and angle steel frame structure, and heat-resistant steel plate is used at high temperature. Corrosion-resistant color steel plate is used as the outer casing, which is beautiful and easy to maintain.

2. Furnace lining: The mesh belt type hot air circulation lining adopts aluminum silicate refractory fiber blanket with excellent heat insulation performance. After special processing, it is combined into a modular structure. The full fiber module lining is installed on the steel skeleton, and the steel skeleton is made of steel, steel, etc. Solderable, lightweight and reliable. The furnace is made of a full fiber module structure, so its steel structure is much lighter than the traditional refractory brick furnace. The all-fiber refractory structure has good thermal shock resistance, is resistant to rapid cooling and rapid heat, has obvious environmental protection and energy saving effects, and has a longer service life than brick furnaces. This type of furnace is very convenient to repair. If it is damaged by mechanical collision, it can be used as long as it is partially repaired. The lining is also easy to install and maintain, without the need for ovens.

3. Electric heating device: It adopts stainless steel jacket, high resistance alloy heating wire heating tube, installed on both sides of the lining, adopts advanced plug-in structure, high radiation efficiency, strengthens heat exchange in the furnace, improves furnace thermal efficiency and enhances use. Life, installation and maintenance is very convenient.

4. Hot air circulation mechanism: The tempering furnace is provided with a ventilator device, and the ventilator device is placed on the top of the furnace body, and the fan is made of a heat-resistant steel to form a circulating fan blade. The fan heats the workpiece without the heat generated by the heater, so that each part of the workpiece is heated evenly, and the phenomenon of workpiece dead point is eliminated.

5. Transmission mechanism: It adopts stepless speed regulation of variable speed motor, speed control of electromagnetic governor, runs through stainless steel chain on both sides of stainless steel mesh belt of main drive sprocket, and has auxiliary sprocket and limit compression wheel. Wait for the fixed and tightened mesh belt. It is equipped with a power-off protection device. When the power is off, the manual power-assisted tube is used to rotate the mesh belt to prevent the mesh belt from running due to power failure, resulting in over-burning of the workpiece in the furnace and deformation of the mesh belt. 6. Control system: The electrical control system is divided into two parts: the main heating power circuit and the control circuit. The main heating circuit adopts PID two-way thyristor zero-crossing trigger control. By using smart meters for reasonable parameter setting, the optimal control of each temperature zone can be achieved, and the optimal PID parameters of the furnace can be calculated to achieve a relatively stable temperature. Uniformity. At the same time, according to the needs, the power level of each phase of each zone can be adjusted, and the three-phase current balance can be adjusted. The temperature control can be set according to different heat treatment process requirements, and the heating temperature can be set automatically. The current and voltage meter in each zone can directly detect the operation of each phase current in each zone, which is very beneficial for fault detection and maintenance.

The mesh belt type hot air circulation tempering furnace has perfect protection functions, such as over temperature, breaking couple, over current, short circuit, and transmission action linkage. When over-temperature and break-up occurs, the high-power contactor on the main circuit of each temperature zone quickly cuts off the power supply, which ensures the safety of the equipment and the workpiece. And there is a secondary protection for the fast fuse.

It is recorded by the recording instrument and can be used for temperature monitoring of the furnace and over-temperature sound and light alarm of the resistance furnace.

Electrical components use well-known domestic brands. At the same time, the whole furnace is equipped with the power supply cabinet of the furnace, and the main power switch and the quick fuse are set to facilitate the use and maintenance of the user.
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