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Flipping trolley furnace

Name:Flipping trolley furnace


First, the introduction of the inverted trolley furnace:

The inverted trolley furnace can be tilted because the loading trolley can also be called the tilting trolley furnace. The main advantage of this type of trolley furnace is that the workpiece can be automatically turned over by the automatic turning of the loading trolley when the workpiece is discharged at a high temperature. The turning into the quenching tank for rapid quenching effectively reduces the slowness, low efficiency, and unsafeness caused by manual misoperation when manually transferring the workpiece such as hanging cranes. At the same time, the inverted trolley furnace can be used for various normalizing and annealing at a medium temperature of 950 ° C or a high temperature of 1200 ° C.
The inverted trolley furnace is a national standard energy-saving cycle operation trolley furnace, mainly used for high-chromium, high-manganese steel castings, rolls, steel balls, crusher hammers, ball mill wear-resistant linings, railway wear-resistant materials, stainless steel, etc. It can also be used for annealing, aging and heat treatment of various mechanical parts.

Second, the advantages of flipping the trolley furnace:
1. Saving energy and reducing production cost: Due to the structure of the whole fiber lining furnace body, it is about 1/3 energy saving than the traditional refractory brick lining.
2. Uniform heat transfer and improved product quality.
3. Products with requirements for quenching time can achieve rapid quenching.

5, easy to use, reduce labor intensity.

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